Monday, 3 August 2015

'Ribbonworld' is coming..... Soon!

I had an email from my publisher on Saturday, I'm so excited that I wanted to share it with you all. I had sent the manuscript of my third novel for a copy edit about a month ago, just to make sure there were no obvious issues before going ahead. And this is what I got back.

Dear Richard,

I'm pleased to return your copy-edited manuscript. Our editor was very complimentary about the novel and I think you'll be pleased to know what she said:

"It needed a lot of attention, but in terms of the story and writing, I was blown away by the quality of it. Seriously impressed. I've flagged quite a lot of minor plot inconsistencies but please reassure the author this is because I really believe in his book and tidying up these little things will make it perfect. He deserves to have great success with this!"

Sounds like you've got a fan!

To say I'm pleased with her assessment is probably an understatement. I have a few amendments to make but nothing too major. Certainly no 10,000 word rewrites like I was dreading. Maybe I will see it in the shops before Christmas. I'll keep you posted.

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