Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My new Toy and a result!

For my birthday this year, Yvonne brought me a dehydrator. (Thanks ever so much) 
I planned to use it on tomatoes and beetroot and maybe make some corn chips, that sort of thing.

For a first attempt, I decided to make some potato chips, following a recipe I found online.

I sliced the potato thinly, using an electric mandolin I brought years ago (I confess; I'm a sucker for a gadget) which has the advantage of never cutting your fingers.

I then blanched the slices in boiling water for 5 minutes and let them air dry.

Then I arranged them on the trays and turned it on for 8 hours.

After a couple of hours, I rotated the trays, the slices were starting to curl up a bit so I guess that means that it's working.

And here they are, pretty good and no oil.

I just need to work out flavouring and I'm in business.

In other news, I had an email from my energy supplier today, they wanted to increase my monthly payment by £ 48!!!!!! I was straight onto U-Switch.

I found a new deal that left me £ 8 a month better off than before the proposed increase, so effectively £ 56 a month better off than I would have been by not switching.

I rang my supplier to tell them I was switching and they tried desperately to keep me; they "re-calculated" my rates but could get nowhere near the new offer. In desperation, they warned me that the figures I had been quoted were probably false and I would get a nasty surprise when I found out the true costs. Hmm!!! 

I quite reasonably said that if that were the case it would be a breach of contract and there would be trouble. The response was that it happens to everyone, but nobody ever complains because it's too much hassle. I think desperation was setting in at this point.

Now what can I do with £ 672 next year?

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