Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Out for a meal.

We went to Rockfish in Brixham for a meal last night, and once again it was superb. They have only recently opened the Brixham location but we had previously been regulars in Dartmouth, where the quality of the seafood was amazing.

And once again we were not disappointed, the restaurant sits over the fish market and you take pot luck with the selection on offer, based on what's been caught. So last night there was no Plaice for Yvonne, sad but better than a frozen fish of indeterminate origin and age.
Instead she had the ever so slightly out of focus Scampi with a salad,

whilst I had the mixed plate, Red Gurnard, Monkfish, Prawns and Calamari,

I had this with Mushy Peas, which I cannot resist! and unlimited chips, that's right if you want more just ask, they just keep coming. 

The Calamari is cooked to perfection (as is everything else) unlike some you get that can be a bit rubbery this is melting and delicious. The only one I've had better was in a tiny Tapas bar in Tarragona, full of locals and woodsmoke.

And to wash it down, in celebration of the weekends coming Blue Moon,

Desert just had to be a banana split,

We heard a lady? at another table loudly announce, "Of course; it's NOT a Gourmet experience. But it's alright." Maybe she would prefer the aforementioned defrosted Plaice, in some dimly lit pretentious establishment at double the price, surrounded by fawning staff. Accompanied by 'Artisan cut Gourmet potato pieces, lightly fried in virgin oil from somewhere exotic.'

As for us? I think it's safe to say, We'll be back!

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