Monday, 6 July 2015

Yvonne designs a garden.

Our front decking was in a state, it looked lovely but it was dangerous to walk on and little used, except by birds and slugs!

As you may have seen, we had the whole lot ripped out and replaced last week, it was awful to lose so much foliage and for a while it looked like it could never be as nice again but......

Yvonne worked like a demon yesterday and now you can see the start of the new garden, yes the plants need to grow but they will and more importantly it will be Yvonne's creation and not just her tending the place that someone else planted. 

So here's some work in progress pictures,

and some more of it when she packed up for the day, just before it was all watered in.

Its her garden now and it looks fantastic.

And in other news, my black Tomatoes are nearly ready to sample, and the Blackcurrants are just about pickable.

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