Saturday, 18 July 2015

It's been a funny week.

I've been busy this week, Yvonne hasn't been well so it has slowed us down a little, (recurrent infections, she's seen a specialist, just waiting to see GP for further actions based on his report)

I have taken the chance to clean and tidy the loft and take rubbish to the tip, four loads so far, plus one car-full to a local Charity Shop. Also I've used the space I've gained in the loft to clear our spare room and pack everything away. All I need to do now (All?) is decorate and get a new carpet.

I've baked some loaves and rolls as well, a few less than last week but still enough to make it worthwhile.

In just 13 days I will be a pensioner, I can hardly believe it, I didn't realise, last September that it was my last day at work, or I would have tried to savour it. But so far I haven't missed it. When the wind is howling in February I certainly won't.

There's nothing more to report really, hopefully if Yvonne feels better tomorrow we will go to Totnes Good Food Market.

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