Sunday, 26 July 2015

A week like any other.

I don't really know where this week has gone, and yet it hardly seems like much has happened. Well nothing out of the ordinary anyway, and I won't repeat all the usual things that I do that you know about. Sunday (19th) I visited Totnes Good Food Market, alone unfortunately as Yvonne was still not right. I went down to the Leechwell and said one for her, in fact I did all the things we normally do, just on my own.

I brought Steak for Sunday and made some potato and Sweet Potato wedges,

dusted with mixed herbs and Salt.

As an experiment I made a grated Beetroot and Cheese loaf,

which I took to Millie and Me on Monday, to see if they were interested in it for lunches.

As you can see, she made it look great,

Today's Special inspired by An amazing new bread from Richard at Well Bread Beetroot & Cheese filled with Goats Cheese and Roasted Red Peppers!

In the course of the week, I made another 30 loaves, 44 Rolls and Scones and 20 Biscuits, a fairly normal week,

Sourdough Scones

Sourdough Rolls, Beetroot and Pine Nut

Sourdough Spelt and Oatmeal

 the biscuits were Chocolate and Orange Cookies for Millie and Me and contained 200g Chocolate as well as all the usual suspects. But they were nice!

We had our fair share of medical fun as well, I appear to have trapped a nerve in my arm, it got me worried because I thought that my bone spur had returned. I have full movement however and a hot shower relieves the pain so I know its not that. 

I had the same thing years ago and I'm desperately trying to remember the stretch that the physio showed me which provided almost instant relief. Yvonne meanwhile had to go to the Dr in the midst of Fridays downpours to be shown how to use her new inhaler.

On Saturday we took advantage of a decent day to go out for a random tour locally. We had coffee in the Riverford Farm shop and brought a few cherries to go with the picnic we planned to have. We had a stroll around the gardens at Buckfast Abbey, looking really good at the moment and I spotted a young bird in one of the ponds, catching insects.

We picnicked by the river Dart, under the shade of trees,

and then visited a local garden at Hill House.

Sunday started with rain, back to normal. Maybe this week will be a bit more exciting (but not too much!)

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