Saturday, 29 August 2015


Summer is proceeding normally (Rain) and it will soon be September. I spotted a butterfly on my trellis yesterday afternoon and it stayed there whilst I got my camera,

I wound the zoom up to maximum (x30) and wedged the camera against the window frame, it came out pretty well.

My website is now live and has had a couple of updates, is the place to go, there's a bit of book news and I put up an old short story, "School" to see if anyone comments.  Also I have seen the first copy proof of the cover artwork for "Ribbonworld" and it is sensational. All that I wanted and hoped. I can't show you as I don't (yet) own the copyright but when I do it will be up here. 

I also had an idea for a story but really it was Yvonne who should take the credit for it. She prompted me with something she said, so far I have an outline and around 5,000 words down, it may develop into my NaNoWriMo project this year. This is what I'm talking about.

In food news this week, I made some Lamb burgers with a Teaspoon of Tagine paste mixed into the meat.

I coated them in Chickpea flour before cooking.

Of course they really needed a bun but as I had none and refuse to buy bread we just had them with Felafel and salad.

Strangely enough, later in the week I got a request for Spelt burger buns from Oats Cafe.

These were the result, a 50/50 Wholemeal and White Spelt flour with Olive Oil bun.

Ready to prove
I also took a couple of rolls from the freezer, these were Sourdough with Carrot and Sourdough with Walnut. They had been in there for about a month and after defrosting looked and tasted just fine.



And that's about it, apart from the Sourdough Digestives I made with some frozen dough on Saturday morning. (Instead of a lie-in, the dog woke up at 0430!)

Bye for now.

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