Saturday, 5 September 2015


I am currently migrating the blog over to my new website so please bear with me while I do so. 

At the moment the technical stuff is being investigated as it doesn't seem to want to copy properly, so I'm leaving this blog active so you can still get all the recipes and other bits. 

I will post here occasionally just to keep it going but do have a look at the new site as I get to grips with it.

Thanks in advance for your patience and support over the four years I have been posting here on blogger. I hope you like the new site once it's fully operational.

Here's a picture of Beesands in South Devon, we had a lovely picnic here last week.

and a rainbow spotted over the back garden.

Yvonne has used the Pears that I've been picking from the garden,

and made a Devon Apple cake with Pears and Blackberries instead of Apples. You know what I mean.

It looks pretty good, 

Amy,Harry and Elsa are coming today so we can try it warmed up with a little Clotted Cream.

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