Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Testimonial; and Half Price Beetroot

Here's a tweet from a satisfied customer; all I need to do is work out where she bought it.

  1. Nothing quite like a slice of fresh bread Thanks

I didn't grow any beetroot this year, what with my shoulder operation and everything else that's been going on. I'm a huge fan of Pickled Beetroot and to get my fix without lining the supermarkets pockets I bought a 10kg bag from Torbay Fruit Supplies.

After putting a few aside for roasting (try it sometime) I had about 9kg left and was going  to boil them in my new saucepan on my new hob.

However, the hob must have cracked at some time in the past (it's only 3 months old) and I hadn't noticed.

As soon as the beetroot boiled it short-circuited. I called and they are replacing it on Weds, as long as I send the old one back.

So I put the pan in the oven and cooked at 200°C for 2 hours, which worked a treat.

It took two pans full but I let them cool overnight.

After I had mixed my sourdoughs for today I peeled and cut the beets, putting them into old Mango Chutney Jars, (I buy 5kg at a time it's cheaper)

I weighed the result and had 8 kg of sliced Beetroot.

In all it cost £ 8.50 for the beets and £ 1.80 for Vinegar. Which works out at 13p per 100g.
Checking online, Sainsburys costs 30p. So I'm rather pleased with myself.

I even managed to write a few plot notes for my new novel whilst the sourdough was kneading.

No spoilers there, even if you zoom in! You'll just have to wait.

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