Sunday, 20 September 2015

A date for your diaries.

At last I have a publication date for Ribbonworld, it's November 2nd 2015.

What I don't have yet is any artwork or advance information except the blurb to give you, but I'll give you the blurb anyway.

To set the scene Ribbonworld is a sci-fi novel set in the future, this is what the back cover says;-

Miles Goram has a problem. All the down-on-his-luck journalist planned on doing was writing a hotel review and now there’s a body in his bathroom. Far from home on a strange planet, Miles must deal with the fact that somebody wants him dead.
Welcome to Reevis, a planet without days or nights where life is only possible under a vast pressure dome. It is on this airless wasteland that Miles finds himself caught up in a mystery involving a huge interplanetary corporation, a powerful man and his ambitious PA, and a beautiful young heiress who has been missing for years.
Crossing the galaxy in search of answers, Miles begins to uncover a web of deceit that stretches further than anyone could have imagined. With his life becoming at greater and greater risk, he realises that there is no one he can trust. Will he discover the truth and finally come to terms with his past? And, if he does, will it be enough to save his future…?

Interested, ready to learn more?

Well the wait is nearly over, I had a look and the first words were written on December 1st 2013 so it's taken just under 2 years to get the book written and published. 

I actually finished writing it on  December 4th 2014. Mind you there was a gap of 3 months after I finished it whilst I had a shoulder operation and recovered when little work was done on it. 

And I dithered about sending it off to agents and others, so I guess the whole process has taken longer than it might have.

Still, it's done now and I can start the serious business of promoting it.

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