Sunday, 27 September 2015

Gardening and a walk on the cliffs.

The moon this morning (5am) was lurking behind my trees and a bit blurred behind some thin cloud. I thought it might make a good picture and rushed for my camera. I'm quite pleased with that one, I took about 50 but this was the best.

Its another lovely day here in Brixham, Yvonne and I have been tidying the garden and the shed, getting ready for winter. As long as it is dry tomorrow we can take the rubbish to the tip without getting the inside of the car soaking wet
Yvonne cut some branches from our Corkscrew Hazel,

 and plaited them into the trellis over our seat.  

While she was doing that I took the dog out for a walk around Sharkham Point.   

St Mary's Bay (10 minutes walk from home) looked particularly special with the wind pushing the breakers in.

and as we went round the point the coast to Dartmouth came into view, also looking beautiful.

Then after lunch, I found a few early autumn raspberries ripening,

and a late Rose.

Also some new Geranium flowers.

I love our garden, Yvonne keeps it looking nice and I just do the heavy lifting. (and pick the fruit!)

Sunday roast today, is a piece of slow cooked Brisket of Beef (apologies to all you vegetarians, I do like a piece of meat!) with Roasted Beetroot, Swede and Potato.

 I will also make an Onion and Pepper stir-fry to go on the side, with some Home-made Horseradish Sauce. It sounds a bit random but I'm sure it will taste good.

These were in the oven for 1 hour at 180°

Onions and Peppers fried in Olive Oil with Balsamic Vinegar for 30 minutes until soft.

I won't show the meat out of politeness, but it was a nice change from our usual Sunday meal. 

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