Sunday 13 March 2016

Bread and Carpets

A post in two parts then, the bread is detailed on my bread blog,

its Sundried Tomato and Beetroot incidentally
Whilst the carpet will be dealt with here.

I actually got it from a remnant shop, it was the end of a roll but still 4 metres (13 feet) square for £80! 
Now I have to lay it but that's not the problem, I've done several in the past and they've all stayed down.
First I have to clear the room, that's where the the real problem is because I've got very little space to store everything. And I have nowhere to put the bed so I'm going to have to work around it.

The old one came up really easily (In the past I've found some that were glued to the floor!) This one only had grips at the edge and the underlay was in good condition, after that the job was simple.

Just the edges to fit.

A quick hoover up and we're done.

The furniture is arriving on Friday, I'm having a few days off now.


  1. Ha... You think you have a few days off! What a great find at the remnant shop! You did a great job. I must confess if my husband and I survive these having a teenage son years and this kitchen remodel... Alas, I probably also waited to the last minute to tell my parents that I have a project due on Monday. Isn't good to have the life we do? I feel so blessed and grateful to have the opportunities and even knowledge to create a home!

  2. Since I retired last year I wonder how I ever had the time to work! I hope your kitchen is going well, I'm looking forward to the pictures when you're done. I'm very lucky, I remind myself all the time, my youngest is now 26 but I remember those years fondly!