Saturday 26 March 2016

Saffron Infused Fruit Buns

I do like the flavour that Saffron gives to bread, I used to make it a lot and whenever I go to see my daughter she asks for some of my Saffron Buns. Basically, they're just a teacake but made with milk instead of water. The milk is infused with a pinch of Saffron for 24 hours before you make the dough. I also dissolve the sugar into the milk to give a smoother mixture. I use whatever fruit I have to hand, this time it was a mixture of Cranberries, Flame Raisins and Sultanas.

Ingredients (Makes 16)

600g milk; infused with Saffron for 24 hours  
120g sugar dissolved into the milk
1000g flour
100g soft butter
500g mixed fruit
20g Salt
20g Instant Yeast

Add everything into your mixing bowl and make the dough as usual,  

and after bulk proofing; knock back and divide at 145g each.

Shape onto trays and set the oven temperature at 200°C

Prove for 40 minutes then bake for 20-22 minutes or until internal temperature is more than 95°C.

They will be quite dark as the sugar caramelises.

Let them cool a bit before you split and butter them.


  1. So does the work you are doing on your kitchen! These were a special Easter order for my daughter.