Wednesday, 9 March 2016

That's a relief

One job out of the way, I had to go into hospital today for a minor investigatory procedure, it all went well and even though there was a small problem detected, fortunately it was nothing major and can be fixed with a few lifestyle tweaks and some medication. Good news all round and a weight off my mind.

Normal service can now be resumed, I know I have things to catch up on, comments to answer and a whole host of stuff to update. I will get to it all as soon as I can, meanwhile here is a picture of Maeve from our visit on Monday. 

I'm in love all over again!!


  1. Adorable!!!! Look at the love, security, and joy in this photo! What a blessed little girl! Hell with all the other stuff, it can be done later! For now, enjoy Maeve!

    1. You're quite right, sometimes it takes another event to put things into perspective.I know now where my priorities are.