Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Grandchildren and Cooking.

Meet the Grandchildren,

This is Elsa

And this is Maeve,

And in case you couldn't tell, they are both lovely.

We had a great few days with the family and managed to get a Skype call with George in Oz. As ever it was fantastic to see them all.

Back in Devon, I had to make some bread. But first, I needed to refresh my Sourdough Starters after a few days away. I couldn't use them to make bread straight away so I just added the discard to my Wholemeal dough at 20% (100g of starter to 500g of flour). They will add to the flavour while ordinary yeast does the rising.

The Wholemeal loaf was 500g flour 300g water, 50g Olive Oil, 100g Starter and 10g each of yeast and salt. I also put in 50g of mixed seeds.

Before 2nd Prove

Into the Oven

Perfect for Sandwiches

I had also found a recipe for a savoury loaf, made without yeast, using self-raising flour, milk and egg. The added ingredients were Peanuts, Silverskin Onions, Yeast extract and Cheese.
More of a batter than a dough it still rose and tasted superb.

For our evening meal, I'm cooking Salmon fillets over a mixture of Shallots, Potato, Raisins, Vinegar and Brown Sugar. We will have this with a salad and watercress.

The shallot mixture needs slow cooking to let the vinegar be absorbed by the raisins and soften the Potatoes and Shallots, about 2 hours at 160°C covered.

Halfway through give the mixture a good stir,

Then at the two-hour mark stir again and lay the Salmon fillets on top Add a drizzle of Olive Oil to the fish. You can see how the raisins have plumped up.

Cook for another twenty minutes until the Salmon is done.

Serve with the salad and enjoy.

Time to get back to writing.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Those granddaughters are as cute as a button! Honestly, I would spoil them but you do.... With your wonderful cooking! Oh and I bet your wife adds plenty of extra love. I really enjoy these post. This is what life is! Time with family, sharing our passions, and telling a good story or two! Keep up the good work!