Sunday, 22 May 2016

5 Minute Hummus, an inspirational walk and Yvonne's cards

I went for a long walk with the dog this morning, all around Sharkham Point and it was glorious, I do love it there, it's always different. There are so many tracks and paths and they all give you a new view of the place. And now the ferns are growing up its changing again. The Elderflower is coming out which means that it will soon be June and I can start making wine and cordials.
Here are a few pictures from my walk, as ever it was inspirational and I got home bursting with writing ideas.

There was a car carrier coming in to take a channel pilot, I looked at it and thought, "did I really used to drive one of those?"

I've been retired for a year now and I don't miss it yet.

For lunch, I made a 5 minute Hummus, just  a chopped and fried onion, these ingredients and a bit of oil, and garlic.

Soften the onion and mix everything together in the blender with a splash of Lemon Juice.

Blend to a smooth paste and season to taste.

Serve with a Sundried Tomato roll, delicious.

Georgina, our daughter in Australia sent us this picture of her feeding the ducks in Adelaide.

 and Yvonne has discovered this amazing colouring book, cards and colouring together!

She has the cards and the envelopes to do, here's her first attempts.

and the inside,

and the envelopes, absolutely gorgeous!

and finally, a picture of my grandchildren, who we are off to see soon, can't wait.

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  1. Beautiful Photos especially of your daughter and grandchildren. I did not know that you out coriander in hummus. I harvested so much of the herb last year that I used some of it to grow new cilantro.I am excited to make my own humus. The cards are fantastic!