Monday, 9 May 2016

Steak and Cheese and Potato skins

I've wondered if it's about time I left the writing posts to my website and concentrated on food and Devon life on here. But of course my audience varies and a lot of people don't look at the website.

So if the writing posts are not your thing, fear not! I will always post more foodie things than writing on here. 

So today it's my take on a potato nacho idea I spotted on facebook a while ago. As usual, I have modified it a little.

If you remember I always save and cook my potato peels, see this post for details, and this basic recipe used sliced, raw potato. Perfect I thought, I can just substitute them.

So I lined my dish with the potato peels,

and fried some steak, the marks are from where I pretended that it was someone I don't like!

Just fry in a little oil for two minutes a side.

Now the eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that three pieces of steak became two somehow. My lips are sealed (I was always told not to eat with my mouth open!).

Anyway, slice the steak into small pieces and randomly place it over the potato. (I put some smoked Paprika on first in case you're wondering what the red stuff is) You could put a little garlic paste on as well.

Next job is to cover the whole thing with grated cheese, I used strong cheddar.

Now it requires fifteen to twenty minutes in the oven at 180°C and a side salad.

And here it is.

That's a keeper!

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  1. I like it all on the blog and it is a extra special treat when I see your family stuff. I am about to have a Richard Dee marathon of reading! I need to catch up on the flash fiction post. Ok, I am at the starting line!