Monday, 30 May 2016

Meet the family

We had a family get together for Yvonne's birthday, travelling to Kent for a few days. It's why I've been quiet on the blogging front.

The problem here is which order to put the pictures in, who goes first? They're all my favourites but I have to start somewhere.

So in order of the furthest away from me first, here is Georgina, our youngest, in Adelaide. She couldn't be with us but we had a long phone call and we'll be seeing her soon (I hope).

Here's me with Maeve, our middle daughter Naomi's child. she's the latest addition to the family,

Here's Elsa, our eldest daughter's daughter.

Finally, here they all are, together with Yvonne. That's (clockwise from top),  Yvonne, Naomi, Maeve. Elsa and Amy-Rose.

It was great to be with them all, I only wish George could have been here with us too. And Yvonne says thanks for all the cake and presents.

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  1. Beautiful Family! Hubby and I looked at the same time. Oh and a very Happy Birthday to Yvonne! Thank you for sharing these photos.