Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mermaids bed

This is really Yvonne's post, I'm just typing the words and putting the pictures up for her. When our first grandchild was born, Yvonne made her a dolls bed, using a fairy theme. 

When Maeve came along, naturally she decided to do another one, this time using mermaids as the inspiration.

The bed itself was straightforward enough, a hexagon quilt and crochet blanket on a wooden bed from Ikea.

The pillow was made with a cross-stitch panel of a mermaid in the middle.

That just left the doll and look as she might, Yvonne could not find a mermaid of the right proportions to look right.

She did, however, find a doll that could be adjusted to fit.

So she sewed the legs together and padded them out. 

She made a mermaid tail shaped piece of fabric and sewed it into place. 

She made a shell bra and fitted it.

She sewed ribbons into its hair.

And a mermaid was born!

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  1. Oh My goodness! This is the best gift ever! I love the mermaid theme and listen now that the word is out.... Everyone will be sending request! I like how so many artistic elements are used! Cross stitch, quilting, and crafting! I am sharing this with Farmgirl Chit Chat!