Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Full Freezer Syndrome

We are still suffering from full freezer syndrome, where we're trying to make room for all the fruit and veg that's being harvested, so that we can store it. The trouble is, the freezer never seems to have enough room, no matter how much we take out of it. I can never get the stuff back in using less room than before I took stuff out. Its like a spatial awareness puzzle, that neither of us can do!

And now we've got a Groupon for a half price meat box, Iwe are really struggling. So we've decided to set a date for delivery of the meat, in order to make us use the stuff and not buy more. Trouble is, living in Devon, there is just so much good food around. I know I shouldn't complain, that we are lucky to have enough food, and a full freezer is NOT a problem, but still.
Anyway, there was a bag of bacon pieces which I fried in a little oil and chopped garlic,

 adding potato Gnocchi after a few minutes.

 When the bacon was cooked, and the Gnocchi were starting to crisp, I had to transfer it all to another pan, as it stuck while I was doing my fruit compote. I then added cheese sauce and cooked pasta for a delicious supper.
with some home made Garlic Bread.

 Like I said, I picked Blackcurrants, but had nowhere to store them, so I added the same weight of sugar and boiled them for 5 minutes,

 The syrup started to set, meaning it was ready, and now I can keep it in the fridge for a few days, its good with yogurt, or on meusli.

We went to the Hedgehog Hospital yesterday, I think they must have all got better, as there was only 1 patient, and I couldn't get a good photo through the glass. Anyway, there were Goats,

and Alpacca to see as well.

As you will remember, my daughter Naomi got married in April, and Yvonne kept her bouquet, drying the petals to make a memory pillow. She cross-stitched a front for it,

and also a ribbon on the back with the date. Naomi loved it, hopefully it will remind her of a great day.

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