Monday, 22 July 2013

One Extra for Cake!

After delivering the bread to Oats this morning, we headed out to Fermoys Garden Centre at Ipplepen for coffee and a cake.

They had Pain au Chocolate for 50p, and we sat outside in the shade, and a bit of a breeze, to enjoy the peace and quiet.

We were spotted by a blackbird, who came over and said hello,

so we put a few crumbs on the table for her,

obviously tastes better than worms, well which would you prefer?

I've been picking blackcurrants over the last couple of weeks, and had enough for Jam, as I was already hot, I thought I might as well make it up.

Here's 2kg of currants,

and 3kg of sugar,

 boil it all up for a bit,

and here is the result, I must admit I cheated a bit and added extra pectin, it was setting almost before it had boiled, so that was better than spending ages trying to get it to set.

Now we will be alright for Jam, I still have a load of semi-ripe fruit to pick, and a freezer with about 3kg of berries from last year. They all need to be used before this years crop, so I feel more jam making coming on.

But before that, we have Evergreen Farms Scotch Eggs and salad for tea, then it's Ciabatta time.

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