Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday at Work

I thought that today would be a quiet day, WRONG again.
I had a nice little ship away from a berth in Dagenham, it's quite tight inside, as you can see,

I have to back the ship out through the gap you can see on the right.

We got going, and managed to end up  in the right place,

until the bow was clear and we could swing round.

Mission accomplished! The rest, as they say, was easy.
It's about 30 degrees here, but very nice on the river, as you make a breeze with your motion. I have a couple more jobs to do before I can head back to Devon, where lots of work awaits.

There are blackcurrants to pick and jam to make, Rose Petals to turn into wine and lots of bread to bake.

I did a coleslaw type salad, with grated carrot, onion and apple,

for lunch with Pizza before I came up here.

We have Tomatoes as well,

after the slow start, everything seems to be catching up.

Bread wise, I have just delivered Ciabatta to Gravesend and have an order for Sourdough for later in the month. Also a Ciabatta order for Millie in Brixham.

Did I mention the Cherry and Vanilla Focaccia?  If not here it is,

If you want the recipe, just post a comment with your email in and I will send it out.

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