Sunday, 28 July 2013

Leg of Lamb

Here's my recipe for a slow cooked leg of lamb. Its always a good idea to buy big joints, if you can,as they cook better, stay moister, and you can freeze the remainders for easy meals. I've found that if you keep your eyes out you can very often get these half price, which makes it worthwhile.

So here it is, scored and oiled, ready to put in the oven.


Cover it tightly with foil, and heat the oven to max. Put it in the middle, and immediately turn the temperature down to 160 degrees. Forget it for two hours.

 After two hours, take it out, baste it with oil, rub a bit of garlic paste in and add potatoes and onion. Re-cover and put it back in for another two hours.

After this time, it should be falling off the bone, and the potatoes will have soaked up the juices, put them in a separate pan, they can be finished off with a basting of goose fat and 30 minutes roasting. Save the juices for Gravy.

Flake the meat and let it cool. This can now be bagged for later use, keeping enough to enjoy today. Perfect with mint sauce and veg.



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