Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mixed Feelings

Sunday was a good day and a bad day, Good because it was sunny, Yvonne and I had a good day in Totnes at the Good Food Market and it was a bad day because Georgina has gone back to Oz for another few months.

Sharkham has never looked lovelier either, when I walked the dogs around, it was warm, but there was a cooling breeze, what a glorious day.

We spoke to George when she was in departures, and we all had a bit of a grizzle, (even me) she won't be back in Barkly until Tuesday evening our time, it's so far away she's almost on the way back.

She's well stocked with proper pommy food though, and takes all our love and good wishes with her. I'm so proud that she's grown up capable and independant, we miss her already, but we are counting down till she brightens up our lives again.

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