Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sneaking up

Whilst lifes little problems (and some not so little) have been occupying my mind, the garden has lept on, and looking around today, I could see that the apples are starting to swell on the trees,


as are the cherries.

Not only that, but my redcurrant is also showing developing fruit.

it will soon be time to start thinking about Jam.

Disappointingly, my runner beans have not come up at all, so now I don't know whether to get plants or just leave it for this year. I may need the room for Tomatoes as I have had success with them, and my Potatoes will soon start to be lifted so I could put them in their place. Decisions Decisions.

Meanwhile Naomi and Eamon are coming down for the weekend, as it's Yvonne's birthday, so I have checked the barbeque and am getting the ribs out of the freezer. If you are offended by the sight of meat, don't read the next post.

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