Friday, 23 May 2014

Ribs and Hot Pot

In addition to baking the 200 rolls for Brixfest,

I had Yvonnes birthday barbeque to organise and a meal to make for tonight.
In the end I got the ribs out of the freezer to defrost while I made the BBQ sauce and assembled the Hot Pot.

The sauce base was made from equal parts of Black Treacle, Honey  & Tomato Ketchup. On top of this I added Paprika, English Mustard and Worcester Sauce to give it a bit of a kick.

Meanwhile I chopped Onion and carrot for the hotpot,

took some left over lamb and cut into chunks,

then mixed, with added butter beans.

I made gravy with lamb stock (thanks freezer) veg boullion powder and a little cornflour,

I topped it with a big handful (or two) of the frozen potato peelings that I part cook and freeze

Then it just neeeded an hour in the oven.

Meanwhile the ribs had defrosted, I cut them into more managable pieces and rubbed the sauce in, leaving them to soak in the fridge.

Now they just need turning every now and again. A few hours in a slow oven and they can be finished on the BBQ.

Not a bad days work.

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