Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ribs Part 2

Next job, after the ribs soaking, was to prepare the potato wedges. I like to cut mine with one of those apple corer gadgets,

and part boil for about 10 minutes.

 This helps them soak up the Balsamic vinegar that I put on them as they steam,

When that has been soaked up, you can dress them in Oil and they are ready for an hour in the oven at 200, with a turn every now and again.

Meanwhile I gave the ribs a tgood basting and put them in at 100 degrees for 4 hours. They will then need about 30 minutes under the grill, or on the BBQ if it warms up this afternoon, to finish.

As you can see, they came up a treat on the BBQ, the wedges had an hour  in the oven and they were crispy,

with a bowl of salad,

it made a good spread, very nice to eat outdoors as well,

All in all a good meal.

BUT before all that we went to Millie and Me for tea and Cakes. Yvonne had Baily's Cheesecake,

the rest of us had a Cream Tea.

Back to the diet tomorrow!!!

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