Saturday, 31 May 2014

Where has the Week gone?

It can't be a week since I posted, can it?

This time last week, I was eating a Mackerel bap, and cooking ribs, the Bank Holiday has confused me and I've been a day out all week.

I have been busy with bread, as well as the post on my bread blog, which you can find from the panel on the right, I did the usual order for Oats, part of which is shown, and went to the monthly Brixham Means Business meeting, useful as always.

I've been persuaded to start using Twitter, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right really, just pressing buttons, I don't seem to have upset anyone yet though.You can find me at Well Bread!

On with the rest of the blog, there were a couple of ribs left after our BBQ, and I removed the meat and cut it into small pieces.

I stir-fried it with Corn, Onion and Peas,

adding scrambled egg at the end, maybe not an authentic Chinese dish, but it used up all the odds and ends. 

Meanwhile, as I had a rebate from BT, (that's another story) and a few pounds spare, I brought an arbour for the garden. Of course I had to put it together myself, I'm not a huge fan of flat-packed furniture, I'm sure that people who design it never try to assemble it, as you can see the screwdriver goes on the screw, but how do you grip the thing to turn it? The holes in the apex were even worse.

I got it done though, and it's still standing 8 hours later, so there's hope.

I haven't picked any Elderflower this year, I made so much wine last year, I'm going  to leave it and make Elderberry later in the year as a winter warmer.

But I did notice that the Blackberries are starting to flower, and there seems to be an abundance.

Which doesn't mean that wine making is on hold, Yvonne found a recipe for Lemon Balm Wine, we have lots in the garden, so I started a batch. This is it with the leaves in to soak for a few days, before adding the yeast.

To make room, I bottled the Rhubarb Wine I made in March as it had  cleared in the demi-john.

I couldn't resist a sip, its a bit young but very flavoursome, a little dry, should be nice with fish. And it was only £2.50 for the rhubarb, so less than 50p a bottle all in, that's about my price range. Plus I got the rhubarb pulp for a crumble.

I'm back at work tomorrow, have a good week.

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