Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Take One Pizza

I left Gravesend at 0245 this morning, after taking this vessel out of Tilbury Lock,

I wanted to get home fairly quickly as I had a lot of things to do, anyhow, the journey was quiet with little traffic, and I got to Torbay at 0645 without really trying hard. I knew we needed a couple of things, milk etc so I timed my arrival to be at a famous supermarket for 0700.

 I'm not a big fan of supermarkets, I agree that they have their uses but to me they are not the solution to all my food needs.In my defence I was tired and wanted to sleep, I grabbed a pizza for tea tonight, along with some coleslaw. There wasn't much of a selection.

A basic pepperoni pizza, in desperate need of a bit of embellishment.

so, I fried a pepper and an onion till soft,

 and put it on top, with a little tinned corn.

I added some cherry tomatoes that were languishing in the fridge,

and a bit of grated Cheddar,

suddenly it looked a lot more interesting.


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