Sunday, 8 June 2014

Pea Bread!

Yvonne found an article in a health food giveaway magazine, suggesting breads made with flax seeds and with peas. I was intrigued, especially when she suggested that it might be an idea to see what I could do with the concept.

As an aside, many years ago I was Third Mate on a refrigerated Cargo ship loading Frozen Peas in Sweden. They were in 30lb brown paper sacks on pallets, destined for Italy. Needless to say they featured heavily in our diet over the course of the voyage, surprisingly I still like them today, and even grow them.

After a bit of research, I found a recipe online for Green Pea bread,

which uses Green Pea flour. I'd never seen that before, but on checking it out, the cost looked prohibitive for a commercial loaf. (£10 for just under a kilo)

I thought that maybe I could grind my own, using dried peas, but then considered using liquidised fresh peas, after all if you knew the water content you could work out the percentages, right?

So bright and early this morning, I set to work, however the peas proved stubborn and I had to get everything in the Kitchen dirty to achieve a puree. It took a bit of modifying to get a good dough, but after an hours proving it had risen beautifully, I'll give you the recipe details when I've tested the results, in case its not quite as good as it looks.

that's a 800g batch in a 4l bowl.

I knocked it back and put it in a loaf tin while the oven warmed up,

by the time the oven was up to temperature (220), it had risen again,

I gave it 25 minutes, with steam, then turned the heat down to 200 for 15 minutes more.

Looks innocent enough, wonder what its like inside?

As for eating some, well its very moist with a hint of Pea!


300g Peas, liquidised,
440g Strong White Flour,
230g Lukewarm Water,
10g Instant Yeast,
10g Salt.

Combine everything into a dough, knead for 4 minutes in a mixer or 10 by hand. Then proceed as usual for a standard loaf.

Yvonne thinks it would be nice with Boiled Eggs, any other suggestions welcomed.

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