Saturday, 7 June 2014

Crumble, Robin and a Palm Tree

After the success of the Potato bread, I thought I'd make a crumble. The topping was Wholemeal flour, Oats, Mixed Seeds, Brown sugar and butter

and the fruit, last years Blackberries, Apples from town and Dried Raisins/Cranberries (to soak up the juice)

Just need to do some custard now.

The Robin is a regular in our front garden, eating the food we put out and catching a few insects. They have raised a chick here this year, and feed it in front of the window, but never when I have the camera handy. Anyhow he treated himself to a bath this morning and I managed to catch it.

The palm tree was £10 in a well known discount supermarket, and the wooden barrel £20 in a sale.

I had a look around all my fruit and veg, the runner beans have not come up yet, (2nd planting, the first lot never appeared either) but the potatoes are doing well, about 4 weeks and I can dig the first ones. I planted three bags of earlies and 5 of maincrop.

My apple trees are now 4 years old and starting to get more fruit, from 4 trees I had five apples last year, we're looking better so far,

but the blackcurrants are a disappointment, I pruned the bush last year and may have been a bit over enthusiastic. Maybe next year.

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