Thursday, 19 June 2014

Round Up

I finally finished off Yvonne's birthday pressie, with a bit of bunting and a few decorations. There are some lights coming next week, but they will be on the inside. It looks pretty good, just have to do the rest of the garden now.

While we were at it, I put up a new arch over the front gate, last winters winds and the weight of the Passion Flower on it meant it was about to fall on someones head. We did keep a few bits of the Passion Flower though, so it can start again.

Here's a few random pictures from the garden, its looking very "Cottage" at the moment, with lots of Bees and Hover flies in residence, maybe I should consider Honey production?

Talking of Bees, the Blackberries down on my personal patch are developing, and should give a huge crop this year, there are plenty to go round, if you're quick!!!

and I picked my first strawberries from the garden.
soon to be joined by a pepper.

Off to work today, got a big project next week, dismantle my old shed (easy as its falling down) and build a new one, lots of potential there. So if you need dry weather for a job, get it finished before I start as its bound to rain while I have the roof off.

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