Friday 5 February 2016

Cheese and Onion Rolls

Here's a repeat of a post from long ago, I haven't made any of these for ages. That's a shame because they are a meal in themselves. 

The flour I use is from Wessex Mill, I guess you could make your own if you couldn't get any where you are, it has 10% dried onion flakes in it. I've been using flour from Wessex Mill for nearly 10 years and it is superb. Not only that if you call them up they will chat about the products and answer your questions. There website is pretty good too.

We start off with 480 g of warm water, adding 75 g of Olive Oil. I put this directly into my mixing bowl. Add 750 g of the flour, 30 g coarse Semolina and 15 g each of yeast and salt. Knead for 7 minutes in the mixer and you will have this,

Cover and prove until it doubles in size. I don't have a special box for this but use my oven. Basically you put a tray of boiling water in the bottom, add your dough bowl and turn the oven to max for 1 MINUTE ONLY. Turn it off and leave for 1 hour.

And here is the result.

Just before you take the dough out, heavily oil a baking tray

and grate 200 g of strong Cheddar (or your favourite hard cheese)

Stretch the dough over the tray and sprinkle the cheese on.

Now roll the dough up, stretching it as you roll.

until you have  this shape.

Now you slice it into inch thick pieces and lay cheese side up,

filling the tray.

Leave to prove covered for 45 minutes while the oven heats to 200°C.

After 45 minutes they have doubled in size again,

so they go in to bake for 20 minutes, when the internal temperature is 95°C they are done.

Leave them to cool in the tray for a bit before separating.

Then all you have to do is eat them! They  do freeze really well if there's any left.