Monday 8 February 2016

In praise of the Potato Peel!

A blog that I follow has put up a post about potato cakes, well I love all things potato and even though I've said this before, I hate the waste of food of all kinds.  

I'm always looking to use leftovers, and as a result, we throw hardly any food waste away.

I'm amazed that people will throw potato peelings away but will order loaded skins. I've had this argument and they are convinced that the two things are somehow 'different,' although I'm not sure how.

Anyway, my preparation for potato peels/loaded skins is really easy. Peel the potato a little thicker than you normally would. Put them in a baking tray.

Add a little Olive Oil and coat,

and that's it.

When your oven is heating up, put the tray in and leave it for about 20 minutes or until they look like this, (the middles are soft, it gives you the chance to sample a piece) if you remember, give them a stir.

Not quite done.

After 5 minutes more they are ready.

Now you have a dilemma, do you eat them all and burn your mouth or do you save them for later?

They are great warm smothered with cheese (potato nacho) or cheese and bacon bits. Or as a topping for a stew. Or as oven fries, the possibilities are endless. I have a bag of these beauties in the freezer, they freeze brilliantly and you can reheat them from frozen in 15 minutes.


  1. I am going to try this! I am not sure what the oven temperature should be. I will let you know how they turn out.

    1. I put the tray in the oven as I turn it on and after it has warmed up I check them when I put the other food in. You will see if they need a little more time. I'm afraid that I'm not really a strict "follow the recipe" person more like a "let's see how this turns out" one. "