Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Pinterest and Chalk Paint

I took the plunge and started a pinterest board, it's here if anyone wants a look. At the moment it's a few random recipes and books but I can see how it will expand, its strangely addictive.

One of the first things I put on it is a way of making chalk paint which I found and has got me excited. 

I'm probably about 5 years behind the times but hey I'm not desperate to be on trend. I like what I like and can't be doing with decorating every time someone decided what I've got is "dated."

Anyway, I found this method for making the paint.

I put the calcium carbonate powder in a jar,

added the water and made a paste.

Then I added the emulsion paint, just a value one from Wilkinsons and shook it up.

Here's my surface, a polished Rosewood chest that was my Grandmother's and has seen a lot of use.

1 Coat,

2 Coats,

It looks pretty good, it certainly covers well enough, I reckon with a bit of wax it will look really nice. Great idea and has saved me a few pennies as well!

Stay tuned and when I've done the whole job I'll show you the finished article. Also coming up is an expose on some of Yvonne's craft creations.

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  1. Hi Richard

    Welcome to Pinterest. I have quite a lot of boards there already. https://uk.pinterest.com/pattypan2/ I use it more as an aide memoire/link to where I see things but there is lots of useful information on it. Your paint has covered well. Look forward to seeing the transformation and Yvonne's cards. Revamping furniture is something I want to have a go at. I have a couple of pieces in the house that would suit being made over but nowhere to actually do it. One day.

    Hope you are keeping well