Tuesday, 9 February 2016

My Version of Lamb with spices.

I love messing around with an idea for a meal. I'll look at a recipe and imagine a few tweaks and personalisation. I see recipes as a starting point, not an end in themselves, of course there are the timeless ones which cannot be improved on, or it would be sacrilegious to dare to try.
Anything by Mary Berry for example just can't be improved on and you know it's going to work. Which is more than can be said for some of my efforts! Just ask my children.(they were the guinea pigs in my early years of cooking) In general though I get by and we don't go hungry. (often)

I'm a big fan of spicy lamb dishes, especially flavoured with middle eastern style spices and blends, Ras-el-hanout or Sumac, Za'atar of course and Baharat. I never really know which ones to put in, liking them all and usually plump for the safety of Harissa powder, which of course is another blend. Today I decided to mix Za'atar with extra chilli and herbs.

Today I'm going to use minced lamb, adding dried apricots, sultanas and flaked almonds. I will also make up some couscous and stir it in just before serving. The dried fruits will absorb any moisture leaving a dry, crumbly texture.

My Spice mix, Za'atar and chilli and mixed herbs

Mixed with a little Oil

Apricots and Sultanas
So to begin, fry chopped Onion in oil until soft,

add the mince and spices,

continue cooking and mixing until the lamb is cooked.

Add the fruits and mix,

With five minutes to go, rehydrate the couscous and add it, along with flaked almonds to taste, 

Mix it all together until warmed.

Serve with Pitta and a flourish!


  1. This looks very tasty! I would have to go to the international market for the Za'atar and sultanas. I have never even heard of those spices.

  2. You can probably get a ready made "Tagine paste" in your local outlets. This is a very similar spice blend to Za'atar and is ready mixed in oil. Raisins will be as good as sultanas.