Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Special Day.

 I can’t believe it's my 30th wedding anniversary today, look at me 30 years ago, and where has it all gone?

As I tell Yvonne, I’d have got less for murder (Only Joking)

While I can’t pretend it's all been a bed of roses, we are still here and looking forward to the next 30.

That called for some special food as well, and in addition to my Rose Petal Wine, which is now fermenting in the airing cupboard,

 I made some crème fraiche Ice-Cream, from a recipe in Good Food magazine (5 issues for £5)

and also tried my hand at making some Chocolates. Some I left plain, some I filled with chopped sultanas.

I might try adding blackberry vodka to the next batch.

I found the moulds in our local 99p shop,

and filled them with mixed milk and plain chocolate that I had heated in the microwave. (Carefully)

A huge success.
Yvonne has made another freestyle necklace,

and I’ve persuaded her to put it on ETSY for sale, its 22” long, totally unique, and it contains some semi-precious stones, (Aventurine) it's yours for £30 including first class postage to U.K. addresses. There will never be another one like it. If it sells, she will do more freestyle work. She’s just doing some sets of necklace, bracelet and earrings for a lady where I work, for Christmas presents.

We will be having Mango Chicken for our supper tonight, I have a book called “Notes from the Jam Cupboard”, which I can recommend, and it's in there.
Basically, its chicken thighs in chutney and spices, I’ll do some rice and have some home made Naan. Pictures to follow.

On the book front, I have now got 10,000 words in the bag and it's writing itself. About 75% of the story is roughed out, now I have to fill in and flesh out. I will be putting a sample chapter up on my other blog shortly.

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  1. Happy Anniversary

    You have been busy. The ice cream looks like one I will have to try and I like the sound of the mango chicken. I have a recipe that I make quite regularly which is basically chicken breasts, a couple of tins of peaches and some sweet pepper served up with rice it is a lovely sweet and sour meal which is really tasty.

    I like beading too, still learning and that necklace is really lovely. I would think it will sell quite quickly clever girl and as you say unique.

    Well must dash hope you really have a lovely day to celebrate your anniversary.

    Take care