Friday, 24 August 2012

George is coming down today, it’s a bit sad really as she is going back to Australia at the end of the month, so we wont see her again until next March. But as long as she is happy I guess that’s the thing. Yvonne made her a quiche,
 and I did some morning rolls.

 After watching the “bake off” this week, I was inspired to make a plait, but bottled out a t three strands. Still it came out alright.


The salt fish stew was a real surprise, very tasty and not at all like I thought it would be.

I fried the onion, pepper, garlic and some tomatoes up for a few minutes,
adding home made pasta sauce and reducing.

I cut the soaked fish into pieces and mixed it into the sauce, covering with breadcrumbs,
before baking in the oven. I had not seasoned it as I thought it would be salty enough, just drizzled some Blackberry Balsamic over the top. As it happened, it needed a little salt to bring out the full flavour. There was even enough to leave a portion in the freezer, for next time I’m at work.

I’m actually up to 15000 words on the novel now, and spent about two hours yesterday evening putting punctuation in, I type so fast I’m always forgetting to type <Shift 2> every time someone says something. There’s probably a shortcut for it on Word but I haven’t found it yet. The trouble is, I can see the story in my mind, and it’s playing out in real time, the characters are writing it for me and I can’t keep up with their conversations. It’s weird, but I don’t know what’s going to happen next. When I have finished a bit to my satisfaction, I will put it up on my other blog for comment. Meanwhile there are a couple of short stories there, if anyone is interested. is the place to go.

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