Saturday, 4 August 2012

We went to the Torbay Steam Rally on Friday, a really good day, only one shower and we were in the craft tent for that. I brought some Honey Mustard which was ideal as we had a sausage casserole for supper.


I cheated and used an M&S Apple pour over sauce on my chopped peppers, onions and chilli, adding the sausages last. It looked a bit pale,

but after an hour in the oven was much more appetising.

 I did julienne carrots and potatoes baked in an oil coating.

I also fed up my sourdough starter, intending to make some bread on Saturday

Saturday morning, and there were lots of things that I wanted to do, as it was a dark morning I started with the bread, making two dough’s, one with Wholemeal and Rye, the other with strong White flour.

 My starter sometimes seems to struggle so I leave the loaves to prove in the warm conservatory for a good 10 hours, they will be baked tonight.

Next job was to peel my pickling onions, 3kg of them,

while that was going on I had set water to boil for Rose Petal wine, it hardly seems over a year ago that I made it last, the post was called “Rose Petal Wine and Rain” on 17/06/11. It made a beautiful smell when I poured the boiling water over the petals,

on Monday I can strain it and get it fermenting. The onions have now been salted and can be bottled tomorrow.

In between the showers, I picked berries and some Rhubarb from the garden, this together with chopped apple forms the basis for a crumble,

topped with crushed cookies as well as the more conventional flour/butter/sugar combination. I always use dark brown sugar in my crumble topping and in my custard, I think it looks nicer. It certainly tastes nicer.


  1. Evening

    someone has been very busy! Pickling onions already haven't seen any this way yet. There is an online company called the Jam Jar shop that sells quite a nice range of consumables for the home preserver but they also have a recipe link as well.
    there are some lovely recipes there including a recipe for home made mustard which is delicious. You can usually get the mustard seeds in bulk from an Asian food star but they also sell them or you can get them from Julian Graves online also. I used a bumble bee bitter and a directors bitter. It keeps pretty well too in a cold place longer than the recipes says. The only thing I would say is that if you make some you could end up with too much to use up yourself unless you are a prolific mustard user so this might be one to make for the Christmas hampers or make sure you have some willing recipients before you make a batch. You can also add honey to the mixture as well. Hope you are keeping well.



  2. Good Morning, and as ever thanks for the information. I do get stuff from jamjarshop, but our Julian Graves has closed, I think they are having problems. Pity as I'm a good customer. There may be a shortage of onions due to the weather, or so one of my contacts said. So I thought I'd better get in quick.

  3. I think Julian Graves supply by mail order too. Our shop closed in Peterborough but there is still one at Stamford; that's where I get all my dried fruit from usually. Try Dunhelm too for proper Kilner Jars at very reasonable prices compared to everywhere else and also their own version at even cheaper prices. The replacement seals are cheaper here too. They also do mail order. According to my friends at my veg shop (they live at Deeping St Nicholas near Spalding, potatoes are going to be in short supply the farmers have been lifting the spuds and they are all tops with very little bottoms. Apples too so if you get chance stock up - I know you do anyway, but these two items along with tomatoes are staples in this household. Right must get ready for work. Have a good day