Friday, 3 August 2012

Egg Fried Rice

We just fancied a quick supper after a day out in Newton Abbot (Free parking whilst car service takes place), and there were a few small pieces of shredded pork left from last night.

I defrosted Peas and cooked Prawns and mixed the pork in. I marinated this in Plum sauce.

Meanwhile, a pepper and an onion were blitzed and fried, with five spice powder.

Three eggs were whisked, ready for scrambling. Incidentally, don’t ever ever try to cook the eggs in the rice mixture. It turned into such a slimy mess the first and only time that I tried it, I now prefer to cook them separately, and mix everything together at the end.

So when the rice has about 10 minutes to cook, start frying the peppers and onion until soft, then add the prawn, pork and pea mixture, it only needs warming as it's already cooked.

 With two minutes to go start the scrambled egg in the microwave (purists look away now), personally I think egg scrambled in a microwave is justified, as long as it's not overdone.

Then it's just assembly, add the rice to the frying mixture,

 then fold in the egg.

Serve with Prawn Crackers and Sweet Chilli Sauce.

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