Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Dog Pictures and Food

As promised, here are a couple of pictures of my dogs, Fliss the Black one and Tizer, (the other one).

Also here are a couple of pictures of Merlin, the puppy that we walked for Guide Dogs.

Puppy, 6 Weeks old



Now on to the food.

This morning, I made a wholemeal loaf with the flour Amy got me from a windmill local to her in Nottingham.

I used Paul Hollywood’s recipe, with Lard instead of Butter.

I also made some Samosas, using Chapatti Flour, and a mix of minced beef, potato, carrot and Peas and spices.

And a focaccia with cheese filling and chopped pickled onion on top.

The sack of Beetroot that I had ordered turned up and I pickled most of it, ready for winter.

Yvonne kept some back for a Chocolate and Beetroot cake, that she will make tomorrow.

I checked out the Raspberries, there will be a good crop soon.

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  1. Lovely dog photos! what gorgeous labs. My girls have a Labrador "boyfriend" called Muttley, whom they organise unmercifully, bossing him about, rounding him up and generally scolding him. He has such a sweet nature he always comes back for more :-D