Thursday, 19 February 2015

Caraway Seed Bread

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The bread blog is dedicated to my small endeavour supplying artisan bread to the people of Torbay, including some recipes and other useful information.

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The best news is that I'm now two weeks post op so can start weaning my arm out of the sling, its been feeling better every time I take it out to exercise so I'm extending the periods its free and using it a little, if it hurts I'll stop. I'm still wearing the sling so I can just rest it every now and again. I'm looking forward to taking it off at night as I've woken being strangled a couple of times!!!!

I thought you might like to see a group selfie from the girls visit, we all look vaguely normal in this one,

Anyway back to the title, I've been asked to make a bread incorporating Caraway Seeds, I've ordered some fresh Organic ones but until they turn up I'm experimenting with the ones I have.

My first batch has 1 tablespoon of seeds, roughly crushed in a 500g flour mix. I plan to make a small loaf and some rolls from this. There are several permutations I could try, Oil or no Oil, Seeds on top as well as inside or maybe infuse the seeds in the water before mixing. Looks like we might be sick of Caraway by next week.

To celebrate my return to two-handedness, I rashly offered to sort the food tonight, I'm doing a selection of roasted veg, sausages and whatever else I can find. I know there are Beets, Squash, Onions etc. and some leeks and greens.

Back to the bread, and here they are, the smell is amazing, I will try them out when they are cooler but they should go well with our Leek and Potato soup for lunch.

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