Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Let out on my Own

I managed to talk Yvonne into letting me go for a walk today, I went around one of the routes I have been taking the dogs on, through the caravan park and down by the cliffs at St Marys Bay.
It is an absolutely beautiful day here, a bit chilly but not unpleasant, with a clear blue sky, I took a few pictures on my way around so you could see how lucky I am in living here.

I was out for half an hour, bliss after sitting around, I'm looking forward to Friday when I can take the sling off and start getting better properly.

We had loads of salad left over from the weekend, Yvonne made up a dressing from Mustard, Honey, Home Made Balsamic and Oil, which we had on mixed Leaves, Tomato, Apple, Leek and Carrot, with a few pieces of cooked Chicken on top.

Not only that, I managed to make two Wholemeal loaves this morning, (see the bread blog for the details, coming soon.) and we have Sourdough Pancakes tonight with Cherry Pie filling and Ice-cream.

It doesn't get much better than this!

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