Monday, 16 February 2015

Physio's are a necessary evil.

First the great weekend, we had such a good time with Naomi and George at the weekend, they were so good, helping us out with the shopping and dog-walking. Naomi cooked Haloumi and stir-fried veg on Saturday night and we talked and laughed so much.

 Sunday we went to Totnes Good Food and got some good stuff, Linda's Chorizo Scotch Eggs and Millionaires Shortbread etc. Then all to soon they were gone to see Amy Harry and Elsa.

George is looking good.

and Naomi sent me a picture of all my girls together, complete with Unicorn.

And then on Monday I saw the Physio, I know that my shoulder needs building up and that its going to hurt and I wasn't wrong. They are only doing their job but still.  I've had a lot of experience of physio with three knee operations and now this, I guess they have to push you, I just wish they didn't always look like they were enjoying it.

I'm going to have a go at a loaf in the morning, I think I will be able to turn the mixer on now so I will try a wholemeal and white with added sourdough starter, at least that's a useful exercise.

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