Monday, 23 February 2015

Getting There

The sling is off and I am exercising my shoulder as instructed. It's a little sore but not too bad and I'm managing without painkillers. I'm seeing my G.P. on Monday and planning to ask if I can start driving and dog walking anytime soon.

Meanwhile, because  I couldn't drive, we had stocked up on stuff last week when Naomi was here, including milk dated use before 25th Feb. I've thrown 8 pints away this morning (22nd) because its off, of course I can't get to take it back, I hate waste.

We have been trying a few new ideas, thanks to the offer from Able and Cole, four veg boxes for the price of three. There have been a few veg in there that we may not normally have tried and we have enjoyed them. Things like Roast Beetroot and Squash that we always said we would try but never did. And they were nice so we probably will have them again.

There were a load of oranges in the box as well, and a single lettuce? We had a couple of tomatoes left over from something else so made a salad,

with grated carrot and onion, laced with Yvonne's dressing idea, equal parts Oil and Balsamic with Wholegrain mustard and honey to taste, recommended. 

I also had a load of Gnocchi that were in need of using, I fried them in a little oil instead of boiling, its a tip that I got from Nigella ages ago, 

the flavour is superior and they have a crunch that tastes better than the soft, boiled version (I think)

Then on Sunday, an Oxtail stew, 9 hours in the slow cooker with stock, onion and carrot and the meat just fell off the bones, I don't know why its not more popular, £6 for enough meat for 4 good portions. 

Served with roast Potatoes, Parsnip and Squash.

The powder you can see in the picture is veg stock powder, I use a lot of that, adding it to the water I boil potatoes in and in home made soups, it gives an extra dimension.

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