Saturday, 7 February 2015

Post Op

Let the one handed typing commence.

After two hours in the operating theatre, and with my right clavicle now 8mm shorter, I made it home.

Not only that, I had a few bony spurs taken off and various decompressions performed.

In short my shoulder was a mess. But now it's on the mend.

I did try my physiotherapy exercises today but they were just too painful, maybe tomorrow.

Actually I have found that by balancing my keyboard on my knees I can use my right hand to type, so that will speed things up a bit.

I'm bored already though and want to make bread, or decorate the spare bedroom, or do.... well anything really.

I've been following Pattypan at and inspired by her cooking adventures have brought a couple of the books she has featured, 'Prepped' and 'Salt Sugar Smoke', now I want to get creative. I'm not a patient patient.

Thanks everyone for the kind wishes.


  1. Glad you okay - now despite being bored - you can still read and plot and plan - it does not stop the little grey cells from plotting what you are going to do next. That is after you have done what the Doctor has ordered. No rushing things they take time to heal on the inside even if they appear to be okay on the outside. I have the impression that you are not normally a good patient. This time you are going to have to be. Patience for the Patient! Nuff said hope you heal well. Enjoy the rest there are silver linings to clouds - its what you make of them.

    Take care and regards to Yvonne



    1. You're quite right, I am a terrible patient, I just want to get on. Thanks ever so much for your kind words though, the jobs will keep and I have some good books to read thanks to you. Yvonne says Hi.