Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Let Out

I went for a walk yesterday morning. That may not seem like a very big thing but to me it was a release. I know I only had the operation two days ago but I'm not  normally in the house much more than I have to be, walking dogs or pottering about in general.

It was good to feel the sun on my face, even though it was cold and to stretch my legs. It made me realise that things were pretty good and were going to get better.

I've not had a lot of pain from my shoulder, its sore of course and I'm taking regular painkillers but I'm sure it could be a lot worse. It was bad when I came back from theatre but I had some morphine before I came home and that sorted it out. I don't have to go back for stitches but do have to start physio on Monday.

There is a shortage of wound dressings in Brixham, I was sent home with some and told to get more myself,. A few places didn't have any at all? but Yvonne managed to get a few on a pharmacy crawl yesterday. Best news is that Naomi is coming down at the weekend, always nice to see one of my girls. I also heard that Elsa has her first tooth, there will be no stopping her now!

I managed to make a loaf, using only one hand! If you check out the bread blog you can get the recipe, it's the easiest loaf  you'll ever make and one of the tastiest as well. And you can do it with two hands if you want. (it won't taste better though)

Makes me feel hungry and I've only just had breakfast.


  1. Take it steady Tiger. Bread looks lovely. You might be going stir crazy but please take it steady and allow yourself time to heal. If its any consolation I do not make a good patient either! So I do understand even when I am sat I have some crotchet or needlework on the go.

    Your daughter coming down will do you good.



    1. Hi, yes you're right but I do like to keep busy. The bread recipe is on my sister blog, the address is on the right, there's no work involved in making it. I am looking forward to seeing Naomi on Friday. Thanks again for your good wishes. R.