Tuesday, 24 February 2015

More Practice Needed.

I had a go at a no knead Ciabatta recipe, but didn't really make much of a success of it. The idea was to mix the flour and water, autolyse for 4 hours then add salt and sourdough starter. I over-mixed the flour and it formed a hard lump. 


When I added the final bits it didn't mix very well, despite folding it four times and leaving it overnight. There wasn't much evidence of bubbles when it had warmed up.

In the morning, I finished it off and it appeared to bake reasonably well, not a lot of spring but adequate. 

However when I cut one I found that the two mixtures were still separate, giving it a marbled look.

It remains to be seen what it tastes like, the plan was to use it for Garlic Bread tonight.

Its brought me back to earth a bit and has taught me to be a bit more careful in following instructions.

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