Sunday, 8 March 2015

A bit of Explaining

Looking back over the posts for the last few months, I can see that I have been concentrating on bread, to the exclusion of a lot of the other stuff I used to post on here.

So by way of explaining,I have actually been off work sick since September last year, with a shoulder problem that prevents me from climbing ladders. This is a pretty essential part of my work as a ship's pilot, after all I have to get on and off the ships using a rope and wood ladder. Hence why there have been no ship pictures or related musings. 

I do hope to return to work as soon as I can, but its taking a while to regain the strength in the arm. I have had four steroid injections, a decompression, bone spurs removed and other things done so understandably its a long process. I haven't been able to go out with the dogs since the end of Jan and really miss the walks along the cliffs with them. I have exercises to do which are helping, even though the arm is sore.

I have managed to finish my third novel though and am still awaiting replies from literary agents, not only that I have had the chance to try some new bread recipes and techniques. I've also managed to catch up on a few box-sets as well.

Anyway I've been given the opportunity to have a stall at an event called "Love Life!" which will be taking place in Brixham in May. There is a website:

which will have all the information you need. I'll be there extolling the virtues of Sourdough Bread, as an alternative to the mass produced, additive filled stuff that passes for bread.

I will be giving out samples and want to get at least 10 different types of sourdough product on display. That calls for a lot of planning to make sure that the oven is used properly and that everything is ready in the right order at the right time.

Today's practice loaves were a Sourdough Ciabatta,  a Focaccia and a Walnut bread, and they were all started on Friday. I finally baked them this morning and I think they came out well, Yvonne my taster certainly thought so.

I seem to have gone back to bread again, but I want to have Biscuits, Muffins and Crackers available to sample as well, so more practice is needed.

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