Monday, 30 March 2015

Another Bargain.

I used to have a small tripod for my camera, it made it so much easier to get pictures close up of food on the worktop without my hand shaking and blurring the picture.

I recently opened it and one of the legs fell off, (don't laugh) so I've been looking for a replacement. New they are not cheap and even though I only want a small one for desktop work, the price is still more than |I am prepared to pay. I found one in a charity shop last week for a few pounds so I was very pleased.

It was only when I fiddled around that I found that the legs extended.

The moral is, keep looking in charity shops, you never know what you will get. And of course you're helping recycle and fund the charity.

Today is my consultants follow up appointment, my shoulder is definitely more mobile now but has a lot of muscle pain and feels really weak. I thought it was stronger than it was when I tried to move a few boxes around in the loft to find some old photo's.

And I found one that I had been looking for, of Amy (my eldest) with me on my ship the "Larkfield" way back when I was a lad.

Don't we both look young?

For an easy meal after the hospital, I'm doing Sweet and Sour Chicken, with some cooked chicken that I have taken from the freezer.

But first the sauce, here are the ingredients,

That's Five spice in the plastic tub, anyway I marinated the Pineapple, Pepper and Onion in the liquids, to taste, adding a little bit of sugar as I overdid the Soy. 

Tonight I'll just cook the mixture till the veg just start to soften, then add the cooked chicken and some noodles. Job done.

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